Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lance Armstrong Rides Again!

You've seen the little yellow truck parked at of Evergreen Motors, you've seen it in the garage, with the bed full of tools and containers, or with hood off and guts removed. Folks have asked questions and even offered money for the '83 diesel Toyota affectionately known as "Lance Armstrong."
So what's the story?
Lance came to us as an engagement gift in '05. We got him running, hooked up the grease, and (although it was tempting) we did not use a single performance enhancer. He was wonderfully reliable until that fateful day... I believe it had something to do with Thai food, a slippery timing belt, and an unlucky uncle... and there Lance sat, lifeless on Federal Street. We could do nothing but get a tow and start the forensics.
It's now many moons later (not to mention several employees, some lost wiring diagrams, and an engine rebuild to boot).
We are happy to report that Lance is finally, yes. on the road again. We are very grateful to everyone who lent a hand, a tool, an opinion, or a wiring diagram. And no, he is not for sale!
It's doubtful whether this Lance could lead a peloton into the French Alps at pace, but he can easily do the speed limit on the way to Easthampton.
Little truck, it's great to have you back!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see the truck but even gladder to see our Shelly!