Friday, January 18, 2008

Poetry in Motion

This was posted to a Mercedes listserve back in 2002, with "apologies to W.S."

To a 300SD

Let me not to the glory of my '83 admit diminishment.
A Mercedes diesel is not a common car to use and throw away.
Oh no! It is the ever fix'd marque of auto immortality!
True, time is cruel to German rubber bits and fuses.
But parts availability! Quality!
A hood that opens to the sky!
And after all, that drugga-rugga sound
that we have learned to know.

If this be folly, and upon me proved,
I never tinkered, nor no man ever loved a car.

- Dave Gilmore
Cameron, WV

1 comment:

Culture Dove said...

As the owner of a 300D, this poem brought a smile to my face. As I regularly stick my head under the hood that opens to the sky I'm becoming the mechanic I never thought I would since I am so "un-handy."