Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick blog-note to our friends near & far. As with many businesses this past year, operations here at Evergreen have slimmed down a bit. But we are still here; we are even on Facebook, if you want to look us up there! The PA-based Smarter Fuel oil is no longer with us, but we continue to collect and filter local grease. Our WVO collection collective had one enthusiastic meeting in the spring, leading to no plans in particular. We are still searching for the right location to base our collective out of.

Interestingly, the clamor for WVO fuel systems quieted sometime around the last presidential election. Even the forum on greasecar.com fell into a conversational lull! Sure, we have installed new systems in 2009, but gone are the days of the 4-month wait-list. More common is a week of maintenance appointments, consulting with owners of second-hand grease systems, and routine diesel repair. This summer, Shelly branched out and started working at a local organic farm, which adds nicely to the window-box kale and tomatoes we grow at the shop. (The last tomatoes are ripening on the windowsill as we write!)

With Thanksgiving coming up, we really wanted to take a moment to appreciate all our friends and amazing local customers. Also, thanks to those who come to Evergreen from great distances just because you appreciate Daryl's skills, knowledge, and knack for getting that diesel to run happy again.

Near or far, we wish you the best as the holiday season begins.
Have a good one.
And don't forget to grab that grease from the turkey fryer, before someone else tosses it!

~ Shelly, Daryl, Colman, and Felix

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