Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tofu "Special Reserve" Grease

Tofu A Go-Go, home of the Leslie and Pretty Good Peanut Sauce, Crack Tofu and the ever-enticing Crispy Chew, does not have a fryolater. What they do have is a wicked big hood over their cooking operation, inside of which there is a small canister. This canister condenses whatever vaporized oil passes through the unit, and collects it. Verrry slowly.
The last time we were in for lunch, Max and Star presented us with a precious gift, which you see here pictured. This jar of "Tofu Grease" (reclaimed canola WVO!) represents hundreds of delicious servings of tempeh reubens, Grilled Cheese O'Ramas, Indonesian Sautes, and General Max's Tofu. Sure, you can't fill your tank with it, but what it lacks in quantity it abundantly makes up for in attitude and je ne sais quoi. We probably don't even have to filter it! We are in a bit of a quandary, however... We wonder what do you do with a small quantity of very special oil... save it for a special occasion? Like the inaugural grease-trip when you finally convert the Peugeot? Or use it for the traditional autumn hike in Vermont? We haven't exactly decided. But it certainly won't go to waste. As we watch the autumn trees flaming across the street and blanketing the corner with orange and gold, we're also basking in the yellow glow of our Special Reserve Tofu Grease on the windowsill...Reminding us that it's time for lunch again. Tofu?

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