Monday, October 20, 2008

On the Road with The Eco-Drom

Here's another link to check out. Our friends Sugati and Chris Phillips -- who were living, working, and raising their 2 girls in Hartford CT's ArtSpace when we met them -- have been facing a change of address. They saw the end of ArtSpace as they once knew it, with the gentrification of Hartford's old industrial buildings and artists' havens. The Phillips family spent a good year scoping out their options. Should they buy a house? Look at other art spaces? Invest in another industrial building? They finally made the gutsy decision to buy a '96 Amtran school bus and turn it into a mobile home for four! It's not just any camper. It's what they call an "Eco Drom," complete with solar array and WVO fuel system.
Take a look at their blog and some photos of the Eco Drom. We look forward to an Open Bus the next time the Phillips family rolls into town. Happy adventuring Chris, Sugati, Sirena & Sky!

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